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The Cedar Mountain Community center is having a BBQ fundraiser on Monday October 9th starting at 6:30p. The suggested donation is $5.00 for children and $10 for adults. No covered dishes are needed.


Following the fundraiser our program will feature photographs and maps of the next section of the historic Johnstone Turnpike. Charles and Elke Burden, Brenda Wiley, Doug Pace and Patty Stahl hiked and mapped this old roadway from the Jones Gap Turnpike into Brevard and will present the section from the entrance to Sherwood Forest through the Seeshore area and continuing to Connestee Falls. Several of the old homes, businesses, railroad grades and original rock culverts will be a part of the conversation. The section of the Johnstone Turnpike from Sherwood Forest to Connestee Falls will be portrayed with photos and maps. The Sam Lance home, located near the Sequoyah Woods entrance, is one of the oldest in Cedar Mountain. Sam Lance lived in this home for fifty years and more information about his life, home and its location beside this old road will be shared along with other homes, businesses and railroad grades. Be sure to attend the BBQ and this historical program. Everyone is invited.


FAREWELL DEAR JOE PACE On Saturday, September 16th, over 100 friends & family came out to the Family Life Center building to celebrate Joe Earl Pace. Joe, a fifth-generation Cedar Mountain resident, was so excited about this day, and enjoyed two hours of love & stories & hugs & photos! The next day, Sunday, Joe and wife Christine reminisced about his special day and went to bed that night so very happy and content. On Monday Sept. 18th his old childhood buddy Charles Bishop flew in from San Antonio and came straight to our home to visit Joe. At "Brigadier General" Charles Bishop's voice Joe's eyes flew open and he grinned a "Hello Charles" in reply. Growing up together here in Cedar Mountain, then both following such different paths as adults, the love was still there. Who knew General Bishop would be one of the last to visit with my dearest Joe? He went to sleep, still happy, Monday evening never to awaken again, until his soul was delivered to our Lord in heaven. At 10:47 pm Wednesday September 20th Joe took his last breath, with Christine by his side, their hands interlinked, as Christine read scripture from their well-used bible.

So one week after Joe's celebration party, even more folks turned out for "The most spectacular, up-lifting funeral ever!" at Rocky Hill Baptist Church. On Saturday September 23rd at 11:00 am there were four Baptist ministers leading a joyous funeral service: Rev. Ralph Lee(Ridgeland, SC), Dr. Leland Holland(Pastor of Rocky Hill), Dr. Oliver(Butch)Skerrett(Cedar Mountain), and Rev. C. Matthew Jones(Matthews, NC). The Bishop Brothers (Myron, Wayne & Lenoir) sang a few of Joe's favorite hymns, including "Beulah Land" at the grave site. Rocky Hill's pianist & organist Angie Skerret Beeker & Suzanne Lawson performed an exquisite musical melody, and the Methodist church's only "Circuit Riding Musician" Catherine Ritch (aka Catherine Ritch Guess) played soft music as visitors assembled, picking up the tempo as family filed out to the cemetery following the service indoors; Catherine played a rousing "Victory In Jesus" with all twenty fingers as family & friends climbed the hill to the place Joe's body was laid to rest. Pall bearers were Don Hayes, George Mayer, brothers Mike & Randy Pace, cousin Sam Hileman, and Clint Owings. They carried the casket up the incline & steps with care. Joe's favorite niece Patty Stahl photographed the grave site later that day and told of seeing "the most beautiful butterfly" there when she did! That's only fitting, as Joe loved butterflies, and all living things.

Cousin Tommy Taylor, from Florence, SC, filmed the entire funeral then took names from those who wished a copy for themselves. If you know of one who has a copy you may ask to view it yourself, as it truly was an impressive day of wonderful remembrances and promises of what is to come. "THANK YOU" Joe Earl Pace for all you meant to so many! You may email Joe's loving wife at

MORE SEPTEMBER CELEBRATIONS Not on Christine's list before, the below two names have been added to this month's celebrations. On September 8th Don & Judy Patrick celebrated their 45th wedding anniversary. Congratulations to you both. Nancy Cadora gained another year on the 23rd; hope her husband Allen didn't forget! Happy birthday "pretty Nancy"! And Joe & Christine Pace's beautiful granddaughter Calla Wen Harris became a teenager on September 26th!

Please send your birthday & anniversary announcements (or any other "news") to Christine Pace at Thank you!


The Cedar Mountain Fire Rescue Dept Auxiliary is hosting a blood drive on Saturday October 14th from 8:30 am to 12 noon. They had an excellent turnout last time. Let’s make it even better on the 14th. The next auxiliary meeting is October 3rd at 7pm. Volunteers are needed. Please come to a meeting and see how you can help.


9-25-17 results: Stableford on the Front Nine: Game Winner- Lin Kolb - 17; Low Net - Sylvia Ronneburger - 23; Low Gross - Nancy Waclawek - 32



I attended Joe Pace’s Celebration of Life on Saturday. What Christine didn’t mention was that Joe had lots of favorites not just his nieces. All of his family and friends were his favorites.

The crowd was impressive. What an outpouring of love. I was afraid that beautiful old church might cave in on itself with so many folks crowded into the sanctuary. But it held as it has for so many years now.

The stories that were told about Joe had everyone laughing. He was a friend to all and would lend a hand to anyone who needed help – even strangers.

I was hiking in the Fawn Lake area and when I came out a couple were distressed that their car battery was dead. I took off for Christine and Joe’s place just down the road. Joe wasn’t in the house but Christine went out and made what I’d call a “Husband Call”. (You’d have to hear it to appreciate it.) Anyway Joe quickly appeared and I told him about the couple. He ran to the basement for jumper cables and off we went to Fawn Lake. The couple had found someone else with jumper cables and was leaving but it just shows how willing Joe was to drop everything to help someone in need.


What’s happening with you or in the community? We’d love to hear what’s going on, if you would like to share. Please email your news to by 6 pm on Mondays (or earlier if there is a holiday) for inclusion in the Thursday edition of the Transylvania Times.

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