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From Cedar Mountain

by Linda Packer Young and Christine Pace

Dear Readers

All of us are looking forward to a happier healthier new year. I have noticed that most people seem friendlier and kinder than in years past. If you watch the news you wouldn’t know it because you don’t hear much of the good stuff. The Cedar Mountain/Brevard and surrounding area seems special; places that seem to bring out the goodness and charity in people. At least that has been our experience. My honey and I even had a gentleman give us his buggy without retrieving his quarter at Aldi’s. A friend and humanitarian we know is delivering food and essentials to folks with no transportation to get it for themselves. Lots of places have food for the needy but if you have no transportation you can’t go get it. We commend her. Many people are doing more than seems possible. We stopped for lunch at Creekside Market recently and quickly learned that only one person was there to cook and serve and she did it with a smile.


The Community Center is for rent! The center has a capacity of 150 standing and seating for 100. There is a commercial-style kitchen too. Our center is the perfect place for your reception, party, family reunion, business meeting, or other activity. Get married outside and have your reception at the Center or use it as a dressing room for outdoor weddings. Make food in the commercial kitchen or have it catered by local professionals. To rent, email Caroline Chambers at or call her at 828-290-9662.

CHRISTINE’S CORNER by Christine Pace CHRISTMAS MORNING The sun had been up about a half hour on Christmas morn when I drove down Main & Broad streets in Brevard, heading to my daughter’s home to see what gifts my 3 grandchildren there had received and to bring them more. It amazed me to see how many people were out walking their dogs! On both sides of the streets I saw young & old walkers, some single and others in pairs, walking every kind of pooch imaginable. It made me want to drive back home for my 2 dogs and their leashes! They had had a couple potty breaks out back but no real exercise. By 10am though, I was gathering them for a quick romp in the neighborhood. The day was gorgeous, as were the next several days. Where is winter? At Rocky Hill church the next day attendance was low for both Sunday school and Church, which was to be expected with many away or traveling back home. Dr. Oliver (Butch) Skerrett filled in for the pastor, as he (Dr. Leland Holland) & wife Deb were visiting family in Indiana. Deb Holland celebrated her birthday while there! She is now my age. Prior to his departure Dr. Holland presented a delightful Christmas Eve service with communion, Friday evening. Speaking of Christmas and birthdays my son Pastor Matthew Jones was born on Christmas Day, 47 year’s ago! With obligations at his church in Matthews, NC, on Sunday they planned to drive here on Monday December 27th for a few days. We were going to celebrate his birthday Monday evening, followed by Christmas, continued. Unfortunately Matthew & family woke up Monday morning with a bug, so we cautiously postponed our celebration together. On Sunday afternoon I took grandson Cooper to a birthday party for 2 brothers near his age, and Cooper got to try his hand in breaking open 4 piñatas. It was a great party! While there I sat with Dottie Tinsley, wife of the late Jim-Bob Tinsley; remember the Jim-Bob TinsleyMuseum on Jordan Street in Brevard, in the 1990’s? Dottie herself had been well known for her clogging! She was so entertaining on Sunday, and blessed with a sharp mind and beauty still at age 95. “I don’t clog anymore” she laughed. Next week we’ll already be well into the New Year, which means I’ll be listing January birthdays & anniversaries in this column. If you want yours celebrated in the Cedar Mountain News please send it to me at: Or call me at: (828)885-2103. I look forward to hearing from you!

AROUND THE HOUSE by Linda Packer Young

Christmas at our house was different this year. I seldom give or get gifts (my choice) but Santa Richard aka “honey” bought everything I even mentioned that I liked. He got most of it on line and I don’t know how he smuggled those boxes past me when UPS or FEDEX came by. I got him a yellow sweatshirt, candy in his sock and a wheel cover for his Kia that he calls Lucy. Lucy was quite pleased with her gift. Now her “daddy” won’t need gloves to drive her when it’s cold. My honey loves his sweatshirt. All this gifting means a lot of returning however, so half a day was spent getting return slips from Amazon etc. I need to be “vewy, vewy quiet” (Elmer Fudd) about liking something in his presence.

Thank you for reading the Cedar Mountain News. Your contributions and comments are encouraged and welcome. We’d like to hear what’s going on if you would like to share. Photos are welcome as well. Please respond by Monday evening.


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