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Cedar Mountain News for 12-31-20 HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL


Linda and I(Christine)send Happy New Year wishes to all Cedar Mountain residents and all who read this. Hopefully. this coming year will be much greater than 2020; everyone stay well & safe. We're looking forward to gathering again this spring or summer for many community events!


Linda is taking a vacation this week; she'll probably be back home by the time this comes out in Thursday's Transylvania Times. If you sent news to her personally or to the Cedar Mountain News email address(which I don't have access to), please advise Linda of this when she returns.

Below I will share what little I have to share this week, and invite you to send me and/or Linda any news-to-share next week, or at any time. My contact information is: or (828)885-2103. Thank you for all your wonderful submissions throughout the year. Do enjoy the below "news", please.


BIRTHDAYS: I have 15 known local birthdays to share, starting with Timothy Brown, who celebrates another year on January 5th; Tommy Taylor gains another year on Jan. 8th; Mary Kaye Dunbar celebrates on the 15th. Joee Taylor's birthday is January 18th

Joy Murr will grow another year older on January 19th, followed on the 22nd by our own Linda Young! Deb Williams never seems to get older, but she will on Jan. 23rd.

Two gentlemen will celebrate their birthdays on January 25th: Colton Rackley and Joe Barksdale.

Ben Beeker is gaining a year on January 26th, followed by Diane (Lee) Hemphill, Jim Dunlap, and Robert Lawson, all celebrating on the 29th!

Rounding out the month of January, both Carri Harris and Shawn Raines will celebrate their birthdays on the 31st.

Happy Birthday to all! Please let me know if I missed yours.

ANNIVERSARIES: I'm not sure of the popularity, but I know of three local couples who celebrate their wedding anniversary on January 1st each year: Rick & Claire Skerrett, Tommy & Pauline Taylor, and Jentsen & Margie Rackley. Congratulations and Best Wishes!


Ha! I get the whole "room" this week, don't I? I'd rather share the space though; please send me your news.

I have only one piece of wisdom to share with you this week: If you keep a spare room unheated(I do), be sure not to store things you will be wearing soon like scarves & gloves in there when the temperatures dip below freezing. I did, and when I went into the room to grab my two needed items to wear they were COLD! Very cold. I learned my lesson!

Thank you, readers, friends & neighbors for reading our little community news column each week. God bless you.


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