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Cedar Mountain News for Thursday 2-23-23

by Christine Pace for Linda Packer Young

- - - - - -


Our Linda Packer-Young and her “honey” packed up their camper, dubbed “The Infirmary”, and headed for their first destination on a 2-week vacation. They included their 2 cats on this trip too, though the cats may not have had much say about these plans. Is it a vacation when both are retired? Having once owned one of Linda’s cats, “Buddy”(formerly known as Moe), I know beyond a doubt this mischievous fellow will become one of Linda’s stories in next week’s news column! That is if she finds an internet-accessible campsite.

Linda called me late Tuesday night and asked me to send “my” news to the Transylvania Times newspaper. I usually send my contributions to Linda, who adds that to her news including articles sent to her through the Cedar Mountain News website and sends the whole lot to Mr. McKissock at the newspaper. I don’t have access to the email so want to apologize to anyone who sent news there, in hopes it will not be too late for inclusion in next week’s Cedar Mountain News column. Or if you sent articles to Linda’s email she is unable to retrieve them and/or forward them to me in time for this week’s Thursday edition.

I could use this opportunity to tell tales about Linda & Richard. The saying goes “When the cat’s away the mice will play”. In this case, though the cats aren’t away; they went with them! Maybe I should tell “tails” on the cats? In actuality, I don’t have anything to tell. Only good things, including prayers for their safe return following a fun & relaxing vacation. Besides, Linda will tell us everything!

My “Christine’s Corner” may not be in next week’s column in order to leave room for everything Linda will have to write about! Feel free to send your news to my email address (just in case), which is: or call me at: (828)885-2103. Thank you!


This Saturday, February 25th two Memorial services will be held, both at 2:00 pm.

Services for Mary Lou Allison will be held at Rocky Hill Baptist Church in Cedar Mountain, with the Reverend Butch Skerrett officiating. Following the church service, a meal will be provided in the Family Life Center next to the church.

A Memorial Service for C. Mabry Harris will be held at the Wesleyan church across the street from Ingles grocery in Brevard. The Reverend Richard Jelley will be officiating.


This past Saturday I drove to Forest City, NC with my 8-year-old Grandson Cooper Harris keeping me company. We met for lunch with my son Matthew, my daughter-in-law Daniela, and my older grandson Levi Jones. We hadn’t been together in 10 months! Matthew had let his hair grow which took 10 years off of him; Levi’s hair was longer on top too, though hard to see since he’d grown so tall! He’ll be 14 in March; such a handsome, kind, smart, and caring, young man. My Brazilian daughter-in-law never ages. A professor at UNC-Charlotte, she is loved & respected by all who know her. And they all love me!

> Speaking of love, it was on Valentine’s Day February 14th that my 1-year-old Pomeranian “Rockefeller” was neutered at the ASPCA in Asheville. He is doing great now and acts as if nothing happened. All 3 of my pups are doing great! Each evening when I return from work they greet me with tails wagging and enthusiastic kisses. Some say they’re just a tiny bit spoiled themselves; can’t imagine why.

I’m starting to think we may not have any snow this winter. With all the rain we’ve had, (and are still having,) it’s a good thing the temps have been mild! How do you feel about snow; want some, or not? Either way, stay safe. The days are getting longer and soon the beauty of Cedar Mountain will bloom with joy.

Send your March celebrations (birthdays, anniversaries, graduation, etc.) to me for inclusion in the Cedar Mountain News column the first week in March. My email is: Thank you!


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