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The Cedar Mountain Community Centers annual auction will be on Monday, Aug 9. This year’s donations will help fund its scholarship program. Many excellent donations have been received including gift certificates from Davidson River Outfitters, Red Wolf Bike C. OP Taylor's and a 1-year membership for Friends of DuPont Recreational Forest. Gift certificates from Bracken Mountain Bakery and from other local and Brevard businesses have also been donated. Artist, David Brown, has donated some of his original sought-after wood creations.

Checks and credit card donations are accepted.

The silent auction room will be open at 5:30 pm for early bidding. Potluck items need to be on the tables by 6:15 pm. Dinner starts at 6:30 pm. After announcements at 7 pm, the silent auction bids will be collected and the live auction will begin. Following the live auction winners of the silent auction will be announced. Bidding on silent auction items can continue until 7 pm. Everyone is welcome and we hope to see you there for a great time.


This year’s flea market will be held on Friday, August 20th from 5 pm – 7 pm and Saturday, August 21st from 8 am – 11:00 am at the Cedar Mountain Community Center. No early birds please. If you’ve weeded out a lot of stuff during the pandemic and want it gone, now is the time. Interested parties should contact Linda Young at or call 877-5407 for details and table reservations. If no answer, please leave a message. Most tables have been reserved but we can get more. There are several outside spaces available as well, including the picnic tables in the pavilion. Please make your reservations now. Tables or spaces are $10 each and must be paid in advance. All proceeds from table/space rental benefit the community center.


On Saturday, Sept 4th the Cedar Mountain Fire Auxiliary will be doing a BBQ lunch to help buy needed equipment for the fire department. Details to follow.


The Red Cross Blood Drive will be Saturday, August 21st. The blood drive is held from 8:30 am – 12:3 pm at the Cedar Mountain Fire-Rescue Department.


Things are looking up.

After a Covid hiatus in 2020 the Sherwood Forest Friends Summer Series is back on track and we have three exciting weekends of programs! On August 7 at 7p our first program kicks off the series with a tale of epic resolve by a young woman in 1755. In 1755 Mary Draper Ingles was 23 when she and her two sons four year-old Tommie and two year-old Georgie were captured by a Shawnee war party at the outset of the French and Indian War. Their home in Drapers Meadows, Virginia was burned and they were marched 500 miles into the wilderness. She survived the journey only to plot her escape.

Hear a first-hand account from Caroline McIntyre's recreation of this brave pioneer woman as

she brings to life the epic tale of Mary Draper Ingles’ escape from the Shawnee Indians.

Bring your children and grand children and let them be inspired!

Drinks and snacks will be available for purchase at 6:30 pm outside the barn. The program begins promptly at 7 pm at the Red Barn.


Results for Aug. 2: The game was a team game of Shamble Scramble on the front nine. The winning team was Sara Skowron, Diane Garvey, Roz Banks and Marcia Bryant.


The last day in Williamsburg included a round of miniature golf at a course called Pirate’s Cove. My future brother and sister-in law are golfers but I got a hole in one on the first try. It’s been decades since I played so I was puffed up. My luck went a bit down hill after that but I believe I still came in 2nd.

When we left the SUV’s motor would stop when we slowed down. We managed to get back to the hotel and got up early to look for a garage. AutoZone diagnosed the problem and we were fortunate to find a GMC dealer close by. They did their best to get us going but we still waited 4 hours. About an hour into our wait the mechanic came and said they had something to show us. There was a gigantic mouse nest under the engine cover with acorns scattered about the engine. Fortunately they hadn’t chewed any wiring. By the looks of the nest they had harvested nest material in various places inside the vehicle. Now I will need to check that frequently. Out of curiosity, I plan to take the bill to my trusted mechanic and see if he could have done the work at lesser amount.

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