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The Cedar Mountain Community Center hosted its first potluck dinner and program of the season on Monday evening. There was plenty of delicious food, and friendship. A wonderful informative program was presented by Sarah Landry, Executive Director of Friends of DuPont. She spoke at length about the DuPont Recreational Forest.

The only thing missing from the meeting was the abundance of trash. The potluck normally generates three full 55gallon bags of trash. This time the Center implemented their Zero Waste program and the amount of trash was reduced to a total of ¼ of a 13gal trash bag. CMCC has joined with other Cedar Mountain businesses to reduce the amount of waste produced during their events.

CMCC has also invested in a commercial dishwasher. Reusable dishes and silverware are quickly cleaned and sanitized in just a few minutes. Cloth napkins and towels are also washed and reused. The Center has agreed to work with other area businesses in cleaning and sanitizing their event utensils. CMCC is proud of the huge reduction in waste, but plan to do even better at the next event. The Cedar Mountain Canteen has agreed to take all food scraps to use for composting. This should result in almost no waste.

Potluck diners all cooperated to make the Zero Waste program a success. Area landfills and our beautiful mountain lifestyle can benefit from our efforts. Please support Zero Waste programs and business promoting it.

Teresa Girolamo, Board President.


The May program, will be presented by geologist, Quinton Overocker, of Brevard College. Mr. Overocker will discuss the geology of our area and the Brevard Fault.


The last practice of the choir’s Easter cantata at Rocky Hill Baptist Church was Saturday, the day before Easter. I was asked to narrate after 4 of our 7 songs, which I love to do! Suzanne Lawson narrated the remainder. Lenoir Bishop directed the choir and orchestrated the atmosphere by the joining of our voices. It was one of our most beautiful, moving Cantatas on Sunday. The soprano section & the alto section both have some very strong voices that hit each note perfectly! So much talent for our 14-member choir. I’m the only tenor and William Bishop was the only bass. We held our own but we would welcome a few good tenors and basses to join us for the Christmas cantata. You don’t have to be able to read music to join with us! I’ll let you know when the Christmas cantata practice begins; a few months from now.


At choir practice on Saturday, Patty Stahl shared the sad news of the passing of Aleen Steinberg. For most this came as a surprise. Those who knew Aleen for many of her 90+ years could not imagine our Cedar Mountain community without her smiling face and her intelligent & caring ideas and suggestions for the good of our community. My first (of many) memories were the smell of fresh-baked gingerbread coming from her craftsman kitchen nestled among the natural beauty she loved. Any time I walked the “trail” to her home there were birds singing and fluttering about; seemingly tame. Aleen was their friend. My husband Joe Earl Pace was Aleen’s “buddy” too. At the dedication of the Aleen Steinberg Welcome Center in the DuPont State Recreational Forest a photo I took of smiling Aleen also had my Joe smiling at her, with his arm around her shoulders. She & Joe had their own little stories they would laugh about and share only with each other. And now perhaps they’re laughing together again, in Heaven (Joe passed away in September of 2017). The last year Joe was president of the Cedar Mountain Community Center and Aleen was on the board. Together they put our Center back in action, and helped garner the winning award out of 36 community centers. When Aleen cared about something, amazing things got done! Though humble, and mostly quiet, she only cared how her actions & efforts would benefit the good of Cedar Mountain, its residents, and all visitors to our wonderful area. MY JOE: I mentioned my late husband Joe Earl Pace in my telling of Aleen’s passing. Easter Sunday this year was Joe’s birthday. He would have been 88; and would have loved having his birthday “on” Easter! I hope to live up to their examples of how to be a good, caring, and giving member of our community. Thank you, Aleen. God bless & comfort all friends & family who already miss you terribly.


The next Cedar Mountain Fire Rescue Blood Drive is Saturday, April 15, 2023, 08:30 AM - 12:30 PM. Sign up site is


Sherwood Forest Ladies Golf League results for April 10. The cold morning warmed up to a lovely day, with the sun shining bright. Fourteen women played the back 9 in a team game of Pink Ball Rotates. The winning team: Louise Stroup, Diane Garvey and Sandra Eidson - Low Net: Carol Deddy with 26. Next week we play the front 9 again. Registration is at 9:30 a.m. Shotgun start at 10 a.m. Join us!


Looking for a place to hold a community event? Contact us to schedule your event or meeting.

Call Caroline Chambers today at 828-290-9662. The Cedar Mountain Community Center hosts a variety of events for residents and visitors throughout the year. From monthly summer potluck dinners to cooking classes and special events, The Center is a great place to get to know and be a part of, the Cedar Mountain Community. Feel free to stop by and join the community for food, fun, and various events.

AROUND THE HOUSE by Linda Packer Young

We have been without our Direct TV since last Friday night. There was a severe thunder storm Friday during the nights. At one point the thunder and the lightning happened in tandem. When that happens the strike is very close. It apparently knocked out the satellite dish. Direct TV said there were many reports of the loss of a signal and that they couldn’t come until Wednesday afternoon. Hopefully our service will be restored by the time you read this. Last night we spent the evening in the motor home watching the TV in there. The channels are limited so not so interesting. We were able to see the local and National News at least. I’m going through Reader’s Digests that I haven’t had time to read.

We continue to make plans for motor home excursions. Planning for the trip to Yosemite in the fall has proved to be a project. My honey is trying to make camping reservations at places close to sights we want to see and that has been tough. We don’t want to travel more than 3 hours a day either.


The Cedar Mountain News is here to ensure you know what is happening in the neighborhood and elsewhere in the area. Thank you for reading it. Your input is welcomed and encouraged.

Please send all photos and/or news and announcements to Photos need to be close to 900 kb or better for publication in the news. The deadline for submissions is Monday night or early Tuesday.”


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